One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, is the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls.

The local people, who, back in 1855, led David Livingstone to this magical place where the Zambezi plunges into a mile wide ravine, called the Falls 'the smoke that thunders' - when you hear the incredible roar of the Falls, it's easy to understand why! The spray which billows up from a series of cataracts, can be seen from miles around, and dozens of viewpoints are reached by paths through the rainforest which grows in the arc of the spay.  Don't forget to take a waterproof, you wiil get very wet!

The old iron bridge which straddles the mighty Zambezi River is the natural boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls.  Although recent political instability has resulted in a sharp decline in tourism to Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwean side of the Falls has been virtually free of conflict and visitors have continued to enjoy the friendly welcome for which Zimbabwe has long been known.
Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe
The great Zambezi
Bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe
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